Why do I design
websites and logos?

My friend Bryan was miserable at his 9-5 job and dreamed of starting his own business but didn’t know where to start. Day after day, Bryan showed up to a “real job” that he hated because owning a business was just a dream. Bryan’s business wasn’t real and he accepted the fact it never would be… Then I created a logo.

All of sudden Bryan’s dream was real and all I did was design a simple logo. I turned an idea stuck in Bryan’s head into a tangible thing he could share with the world, something that he could hold in his hands or send to family and friends, and I watched Bryan go from miserable and defeated to encouraged and confident... That’s why I do this.

I design websites and logos because I want to help people like Bryan start the businesses they dream about and build brands they can be proud of. More than “just” a website or logo, I help people do what God created them to do.